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 Article is written and submitted by our distinguished guest ‘Andy Halls’! Andy loves anything that is a ‘striking furniture and he loves furniture photography with passion… Please Note that these recommendations are also best camera and lenses for ‘food photography’, and ‘general photography’ needs.

I constantly have to restrain myself from impulse buying when it comes to furniture. I live having varying pieces around my rooms and I also love changing them after a few months. Is this weird? I rather say it is one of my hobbies. Picking the right furniture depends on a lot of things, you will have to first define what you will need it for and how it will fit in with the designs already in place in the room. Big thanks to technology; I can now shop for my favorite furniture right from the comfort of my home. This way I can see the features that have been properly captured by an expert photographer and this will be the most important factor that will influence my decision to buy the piece.

I love shopping for furniture online, looking through the pictures is a very good activity for me, and I always look forward to it. I also look forward to changing a piece of furniture in order to get a replacement. This puts me in the position of a seller as well. Now this means I need to put up the pictures of the furniture I need to sell, and I have to take these pictures myself or hire the services of a professional photographer to do this for me.

I have always been inspired by furniture photography; and my curiosity has led me to try it out myself. I tried using the regular smart phone cameras – don’t mind my initial ignorance please, I realized that the effects achieved by notable furniture photographers like the pictures you can find on the houzz website or elsewhere can only be achieved if the right camera is used. This brings me to the question, what kind of camera is needed to achieve these astonishing pictures?

There are many kinds of cameras produced under different brand names. There are cameras that are great for taking great shots outdoors and there are others that are excellent for taking great pictures in low light environments. Your choice for a good camera will ultimately depend on what you need to use it for.

Top camera brands include- the SLDR camera brands, Canon, Nikon, etc. and in this article, we will be discussing the various models of cameras and reviewing their features. You will have a better understanding of how they work; this will help you make the best decision when you need to get a good camera for your furniture photography.

Recommended cameras for taking amazing furniture pictures- Best Camera for Furniture Photography 2017:

1. Canon EOS Rebel T5 – This is a good choice for amateurs.









The Canon EOS Rebel T5 is a great camera to start with as you begin your journey into the world of furniture photography. The results are great and it is quite affordable too. It has a simple design and it is easy to use without those complex features and buttons that can be confusing except you have the manual with you. From simple furniture photography at an expense that will not break your bank, this camera is a great choice.




2. Canon EOS 70D Intermediate level

canon-eos-70d-intermediate-level-a canon-eos-70d-intermediate-level-b







The spectacular feature of the Canon EOS 70D intermediate level is the sensor that improves the automatic focus in an outstanding way. This feature allows the photographer to take rapid shots of furniture and later review the results to pick out the favorite. The other features like the multi controller, memory card slot and WIFI internet connectivity are noteworthy. It is reasonably priced and from my experience, you will get good furniture pictures that will suit the purpose you have taken them for. However, there are reviews that more was expected from this camera because of the initial hype when it was first introduced.




3. Canon EOS 6D – Professional tool for furniture photography

canon-eos-6d-a canon-eos-6d-b






This is an awesome camera, it amazed me with every shot I took. The picture quality is simply awesome. I was particularly happy with the color tone of the furniture I used it for. It didn’t alter or give a deceptive look when you are looking at the color of the furniture. I loved the video quality as well. It is definitely worth the price. You should go for this brand if you need great pictures that will sell your furniture faster than you think. It is lightweight and portable fitted with a 97 percent coverage view finder. Other common features like the micro SD card slot, Wi-Fi and GPS are also available.




4. Canon EOS 5D Mark III – Advanced camera for professional handlers.

canon-eos-5d-mark-iii-a canon-eos-5d-mark-iii-b






This camera is a good choice if you are an expert photographer and you need to choose a camera labeled among the best in the market. The picture and video quality is superb. It has more variety in the settings menu with ample options to configure your camera as you best see fit. The reviews from users have indicated that the JPEG shot properties for the ISO sensitivity is not as high as expected. The build and features of this camera would have come with a reasonable quality for ISO sensitivity. It is actually a hybrid version of the EOS 7D and the recently released 1D x. It is a good choice if you are not so particular about the drawback highlighted.



My list of recommended lenses that is best for furniture photography.

1. Canon EF 50mm f/1.8








I consider this lens a steal, for the price it is sold and the results I see. It is a great lens, perfect for the beginners. This lens works perfectly in low light environments to give you good pictures without having any Canon lateral chromatic aberration. Your furniture pictures will come out looking great. Some points to note with this lens- the pentagonal aperture can be quite distracting and it also has a vignette at wide aperture when shooting full frames. Asides these draw backs, this lens is good to go.




2. Canon EF 50mm f/1.4








The Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 lens is the kind that you will use for years and it will still give you very good results. It is portable, light weight, and very sharp. I always notice how sharp the results were and it was impressive. It is a steal with these qualities, very affordable. I always look out for lenses that work well in low light environments and this product did not disappoint me. The optical performance matches what you will get if you used more expensive lenses. You will also be amazed by the sharp auto focus capabilities which operate silently. I will strongly recommend this lens.




I have kindly included some useful furniture photography tips for you.

You will find the following information useful as you become even more proficient in the art of furniture photography.


The price of a camera depends on several factors. The common prices fall between the ranges of $50 – $100,000. Let me start with my own experience. I started with the cheaper options to try my hands out. And as I got better at it, I upgraded to higher capacity cameras. It was particularly interesting for me because I was able to notice the differences and better qualities as I used more advanced equipment. This was a great learning process for me. So you shouldn’t break your bank to get the very expensive options, you can start off with an averagely priced and effective camera. Good luck.

Important factors:

There are two important parts that you need as a starter. These are the processor and a good lens. There are many blogs that list out other equipment that are tagged as the beginners list, they are not very necessary as a beginner, but if you can afford to buy them all by all means do. A good lens complements the work of the processor. This is all you need to get your beautiful furniture pictures.

Nikon vs. Canon: These two brands rule the professional camera market. They are both awesome, many professional photographers have tried both brands and the reviews are great for the two brands. You will get great results with either of these brands so I guess what will determine your choice is the price.

The perfect lighting for furniture photography: when it comes to lighting, what will determine your choice is the location of the furniture. For pieces of furniture that will be indoors, your lightning f=should be created like what it will be inside a home. If the furniture you need to photograph is going to be on your porch or garden, then your choice for lighting will be a natural light source, most probably outdoors.

Shooting from angles:

To get the best shots, you need to shoot from different angles. Your review will determine which pictures will be selected to make the display. Don’t be shy to shoot from above as well as for variety, some pieces of furniture like a piano will look great when shot from an aerial angle.

Remove clutter:

It is always the best to remove all other furniture that you do not want to include in your shoot from the lens view. The focus should be on the target furniture. Always try to avoid a cluttered room where you will be shooting, from experience, it can lead to a lot of frustration.


Other equipment you may need for your furniture photography sessions.








Getting the lighting right is the first step to ensure that your pictures will come out looking fabulous. What you need is a light kit. There are many brands that fall within varying price range. I suggest you get the 600W day light umbrella, this is a continuous lighting kit made by Limo studio LMS103. It is not too expensive.














My recommendation for a good tripod will be the Dolica AX600B250, it is a great option for shooting both indoors and outdoors. It is affordable and can be effectively used with cameras like the DSLR and other point n shoot cameras as well.




Camera Bag






The camera bag is very important; it keeps your camera safe from cracks, scratches and dust. You should invest in a good shock proof camera. I recommend the Case Logic 304. It is very affordable and suitable for all your needs.




Camera Memory Card






It is also important that you get a good memory card for your storage needs. Please ensure you choose a good and reputable brand that will not cause you to lose all your work. The Scandisk Ultra is my favorite; I prefer the 32 GB model class 10.




—- Questions and Answers —-

I have just made the decision to venture into furniture photography, what kind of camera can I start with?

The camera choice you will make will depend on your budget. As a beginner, you do not need any advanced model; you will get the great shots with a simple model at this stage. When you become more proficient in furniture photography, you can always upgrade your camera to a more sophisticated brand.

A beginner will not be able to get good results by using a powerful DSLR; you need to know how to use it for the best results.

Another important point to note is that upgrades should be made only when it is necessary. If you realize that your skill has improved remarkably and you need better results, then you can upgrade if it will make your work better. Focus on getting a good camera and lens; and you are set to begin your journey into the world of furniture photography.

Zoom lens vs fixed focal lens, which of these lenses is better?

Your choice will depend on how you work. If you work from different locations and varying distances, you should go for the zoom lens because you will get the right shots from any distance, the fixed focal lens is best if you majorly shoot from a specific distance to the target furniture piece.

My personal experience has shown me that the fixed focal lens is the best for furniture photography, the object is static, and this means you just need to get the right distance from which you can shoot from the best angle.

What makes DSLR cameras significantly more expensive than smart phones?

Can I get great results with another camera besides the DSLR??

I had these same reservations when I first ventured into photography, I could easily get my choice smart phone at the price a DSLR was sold. But I realized the difference as time went by. The reasons are:

The DSLR is an advanced camera that comes fitted with better optics and larger sensors. They come ready with the latest technology for better pictures and the user is able to manipulate the various parts of the camera to achieve great results. With the DSLR, you can upgrade your lens for better results; a smart phone comes with a fixed lens.

A crucial point is the sensor. The DSLR has more advanced sensors that are much larger than what is put in the smart phones or camcorders. The sensor is quite expensive because it is large enough to fit a large chip known as the yield. For the best results, it has to be produced this way.

Specially crafted parts- It also has mechanically operated shutters and auto focus. The mirrors and matrix metering systems are also mechanized. With this device, you can process a huge volume of data in a very short time.

In my opinion: You should get the DSLR, it is very effective and you will love the results. If you ever need to upgrade, you can easily sell this camera for a very good price and buy the upgrade you desire.


This blog post has been written to help you make the best decision when you choose the camera and other related equipment you need to start your furniture photography experience:

  • Starter
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Expert

The following key points should always be at the back of your mind:

Lighting, Composition, Simple, Reshoot and Practice. I wish you all the best.

ANDY Halls


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