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In this article, you will find the great benefits of massage chairs and how it is applicable and useful for the workplace, at home, for seniors, young adults, employees/employers and just everyone.

The entire content is written based on thorough research and first-hand massage chair usage!

TABLE of content:

  1. General Health Benefits of Massage Chairs for Everyone & How it FUNCTIONS and VIDEO
  2. The importance of having a massage chair in the workplace
  3. How do senior citizens stand to gain from using massage chairs?
  4. Top 3 Best Massage Chair Reviews 2017 for Perfect Health and Fitness

General Health Benefits of Massage Chairs for Everyone & Functions


The Video above reveals Inada Sogno. We however completely recommend INADA HCP-S373 (B) Flex 3s Massage Chair, Black – More Review of this at the bottom of this content

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How beneficial are massage chairs to your health?

The massage chair has been designed to provide comfort and health benefits that promote general well-being. It is the perfect furniture that can be used for relaxation/rejuvenation at home or after you have gone through non-stop marathon work at the office. The use of massage chairs also offers flexibility in terms of the various inbuilt massage methods already programmed for users to choose from according to their massage needs. The massage chair is very effective in loosening up tightened muscles; this is achieved by the massage patterns like easy and gliding strokes which can be made firmer or less intense according to the needs of the user.

Massage chairs are recommended for people who suffer from anatomical stress and pains, emotional challenges and other defects that can cause strain on the muscles and mind.

The following are benefits of massage chairs for people who identify with any of the ensuing health issues mentioned-

1. Massage chairs provide an excellent boost for your energy levels

The absence of ill health and stress creates the perfect setting for more productivity. This is what can be achieved when massage chairs are used. Providing soothing for worn out muscles will help the individual to get into a relaxed state that is vital for energy rejuvenation.

2. Massage chairs are excellent when used to provide relief for muscle aches and pains

We feel aches and pains majorly because of bad posture which leaves our muscles cramped for long periods. The massage chair is the perfect solution for this kind of trouble. They are designed to give a full body massage; this means that all the parts of your body where you feel pain will be stimulated to give a comforting relief.

The best part about using a massage chair is that it is readily available to give you a full body massage anytime you feel like it. Being relieved from aches and pains by using a massage chair will reduce the need for painkillers and other addictive drugs taken for pain relief. The heat therapy system that comes inbuilt will complement the functions of a massage chair to give you a relaxing feeling that will make you look forward to regular massage sessions.

3. Massage Chairs promote proper circulation of blood in the body

This is one of the important benefits of getting a full body massage. The developers of massage chairs have recognized this important feature which has been incorporated in massage chairs available in health and fitness shops (You will find where to BUY best massage chairs in USA or any other country – as you read on). The entire body from your crown to your toes will be stimulated in a way that frees any points where there is a barrier preventing the normal circulation of blood.

The massage chair is designed to have strategically positioned airbags and a pressure system which function together to cause vibrations that reach all the muscles within your body. A good massage has also been prescribed as an effective way of reducing blood pressure, this is confirmed by studies made available by the Touch Research Institute (May 1999), other institutions that have vetted this theory are the University of Miami School of Medicine and Nova southeastern University located in Florida.

4. Get rid of emotional stress by using a massage chair

Stress is a major problem many people have to contend with in these recent times. This is majorly due to the hassles of our daily activities and ignoring the need for adequate rest. Stress has been identified as one of the triggers for health conditions like cardiovascular diseases, fatigue, depression and anxiety.

A therapeutic massage session is one of the prescriptions given to people prone to stress and its accompanying health challenges. This can be achieved by using the best massage chair. These chairs have been designed to stimulate the body better than an actual masseuse in a consistent manner that will support the production of stress inhibitors in the system.

Massages are recommended as a way to improve sleep at night. This is due to the fact that a good massage will bring relief from headaches and pains. Every home actually needs a massage chair in USA, UK, Canada, Australia or any other part of the globe.

5. Regular use of massage chairs can correct bad posture

Bad posture is the main cause of back pains and stress on the spinal cord. The regular use of a massage chair will help to correct the spinal position and improve circulation of blood in the body. You will become used to the right posture when sitting down at your desk at work too because the massage chair is designed to make the user sit in the right posture while receiving a massage.

6. Massage chairs are good for people who suffer discomfort due to excess lactic build up

Many athletes and physically active people might suffer from the discomforting effects of excess lactic build-up after their workout sessions. Getting a massage after working out will improve blood circulation which will effectively eliminate excess lactic acid in the body.


The importance of having a massage chair in the workplace

There is no doubt the employees will be thrilled at having a massage chair in the workplace. The following benefits are attainable when massage chairs are installed in the workplace.

1) Business growth:  

The major reasons for a decline in productivity are stress and emotional instability occurring among the employees. Studies have proven that a massage session will effectively reduce stress and improve the state of mind which is vital for employees. This is a proven benefit from the use of massage chairs, as every business will want to assist the employees to perform at their best capacities if a massage chair can make this happen, and it should become a regular feature in the workplace.

2) It promotes good health:

The effects of a massage promote good health. Employees will rarely call in ill every month when they are feeling healthy and strong to carry out their job duties. General wellbeing is a guaranteed benefit of using a massage chair because it reduces the tendency of employees to suffer from depression and anxiety which can lead to other health challenges like cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

3) Reduced expenses for health care:

The budget allocated for health care can be remarkably reduced when the employees are healthy. The challenges of work can easily lead to stress and ill health but regular massage received by using a massage chair will effectively keep the employees healthy and stress-free. Massage chairs will help the employees cope with the demands of their jobs and the improved productivity will be beneficial for the organizations. It is cheaper to keep the employees healthy than paying medical bills. There will be minimal occurrences of stress-related illnesses and other health problems experienced in the workplace when a massage chair is readily available for use by the employees. A few minutes of massage daily can go a long way in helping the employees cope better at work.


How do senior citizens stand to gain from massage chairs usage?

Elderly people stand to gain immense benefits from the regular use of massage chairs.

  • Regular massage is good for Alzheimer’s patients; this has been proven and recommended by notable US Research Institutes.
  • Elderly patients suffering from arthritis will get relief when they use massage chairs regularly, the enhanced circulation will help to eliminate harmful antioxidants that cause the joint inflammations.
  • Elderly people among us can enjoy some level of physical stimulation when they use the massage chair, especially for those people weakened by old age.
  • Massage chairs target the joints; this will aid joint fluidity in elderly people suffering from arthritis.
  • Improvement of muscles coordination and endurance in elderly people experiencing degenerative symptoms peculiar with old age.
  • Improvement of mental and physical alertness.
  • Old age can compromise the normal posture of a person. This can lead to pains and difficulties in getting a good sleep. A massage chair will help elderly people maintain a good posture that is important to easily get into a state of rest.
  • Peace of mind and the absence of stress will go a long way in reducing the tendency of elderly people suffering from degenerative health conditions. The regular use of a massage chair will help elderly people stay stress-free and have a peace of mind. This will happen because the massage chair can effectively reduce stress.

The BEST gift for seniors and anyone else (for yourself most essentially) – would be to get the best massage chair available in the marketplace!


Top 3 Best Massage Chair Review for Perfect Health and Fitness

There are many advantages of having your personal massage chair. This awesome invention comes in many models, your choice will be determined by the reasons you have decided to get a massage chair. They perform many functions which include, easing tight muscles, reducing stress after a long day, giving you that soothing shoulder rub that will make you feel relaxed and contented with your life and investing on it. So how do you make the best choice among the various models of massage chair available in the market?

Below are the top 3 best massage chairs brands in the world which will be discussed with particular focus directed at their functions and the expected value to the user.

The best automated massage chairs

1. INADA HCP-S373 (B) Flex 3s Massage Chair

The Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair is an excellent choice; it has been carefully designed to meet the needs of customers. This massage chair has engineering details that can easily cover 1200 inches of the human body during a massage session; this is about the most area coverage that can be achieved by a massage chair. It comes with 8 inbuilt sequences that have been made to conform with a standard massage experience similar to the Shiatsu massage. The intensity of machine provided by this machine can also be adjusted to become milder when younger people have to use it. This is a convenient feature that is appealing to many customers. Users who need to enjoy a good body massage will also benefit from the rotational and extension stretching features that are perfect for those tightened shoulders, the lower back, and hips. This massage chair has been created to combine as many as 100 massage actions that can be programmed for either morning or night sessions. The 3D massage feature is done with special rollers that give a massage much better than the wrists of any professional masseuse. There are adequate security features that prevent injury to pets and young children. There is a sensor that detects any foreign objects in recline mechanism and a lock to keep the chair safely inaccessible to young children. It also has a detachable power cord that can be removed when the chair is not in use.

For those users that might want a variety of colors, they are in luck. The Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair comes in different colors. The leather finishing has also been fortified to last longer with antibacterial treatment that also makes it easy to clean. The Inada is the product of many years of innovative experiments to create the perfect massage chair which caters for the entire body to give a good massage and ultimately, relaxation. For those people that need their personal source similar to the healing effects of the Shiatsu massage, this product is the best choice.

You will find detailed reviews of Inada Dreamwave here



Shiatsu Chair Built-in Heat and True Zero Gravity

The best features of this massage chair include the unique 3D innovation that gives the users a feeling similar to an actual massage given by a human being. This awesome experience can be enjoyed for as long as thirty minutes depending on the timer the user has set for a session. It is convenient for people who have become used to the regular massage that soothes and heals the body, they are- Shiatsu, spinal rolling, massage kneading motions and vibrations. These basic massage programs can be combined with as many as fourteen massage combinations, much to the delight of the users. Every massage can be enjoyed at a custom speed and intensity as desired by the users. The best feature every massage chair should have has been inbuilt in this models design, this is the specific massage targeted at stimulating relaxation, kneading the upper back, massaging the lower back to release tension and the vibrations which stimulate blood flow in the process aiding the body in getting rid of unwanted materials and toxins in the blood. These settings can be adjusted to suit morning and evening massage sessions. This is a full body recliner that also focuses on sore necks and back while in use.

Relaxation is enhanced during massage by the automated mechanisms which prop up the individual’s feet to the heart level simulating an effective zero gravity position. This model comes in brown and black colors, and it has also been fortified with security details to prevent injury to young children or pets and damage to property. These features include locks that check the reclining and stretching functions that can be used only by an experienced adult.

Hundreds of detailed reviews of the Shiatsu Massage Chair can be FOUND HERE

Warranty – There is a three-year warranty that covers replacement of parts.

Dimensions – Upright: 33” x 49” x 53” Reclined: 33” x 31” x 68”

Capacity – 300 lbs.

Type – An excellently designed massage chair with fully functional recliner, warmer and a perfect zero gravity simulation.

Ratings:       Design 4/5   Cleaning 4/5   Easy to Use 4/5   Overall 4/5


Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C

This is a full body massager that has been fitted with a warmer to produce heat during a massage. It has been designed to cater to people under stress, suffering from restricted blood circulation, cardiovascular health challenges, and tensed muscles. The regular use of this massage chair helps the development of a better mental and emotional state of mind. The most captivating feature in this model is the 8 combination massage functions that have been inbuilt in the system with convenient control panels complemented with a LED digital display on the arm of the chair for convenience. From this panel, the lifting and stretching functions of the chair can be controlled; this also applies to propping up the feet to achieve a more relaxing position. Now you can enjoy a full body massage enhanced by the heat rollers positioned to provide the right amount of comforting heat during a massage session. The heat filaments also reach down to the feet; this provides a soothing feeling for aching feet that have carried the weight of the body all through the day. The amazing leg massage achievable with this massage chair is absolutely satisfying. The legs are massaged by the inbuilt Air Ottoman System which raises and drops the legs at a consistent 20-degree angle until the user feels satisfied.

The ease of use of this massage chair is enhanced with the button control which is used to preset the four massage simulations initially programmed in the system. They are- the recovery program, extended program, relaxation program and refresh program. This massage chair provides the best form of Shiatsu massage; this is achieved with 30 airbags, strategically placed at positions to target the lower back, thighs, and buttocks. The pressure exerted by these bags can be regulated to become more intense or milder depending on the needs of the user.

Please click here for more details about the Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair!

Warranty – This massage chair is covered by a one-year warranty, during this time, all replacements for parts will be undertaken by the company.

Dimensions – 35” x 55” x 42” in upright position

Capacity – The models capacity is stated as 250lbs

Type – A full body massage reclining chair with a warmer.

Ratings:       Design 4/5   Cleaning 3/5   Easy to Use 4/5   Overall 4/5





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